Impatient? Become a DropShipping seller in just 2 weeks!

Self-employment in e-commerce is an interesting and exciting thing. In addition, this approach has very good prospects of success. Those who opt for DropShipping choose a trading model that makes it much easier for prospective entrepreneurs on the one hand and is associated with a comparatively low risk on the other. Above all, the start into the DropShipping world is very fast. We will show you how to set up your own business on this basis in just 2 weeks and immediately start selling products successfully.

The easy and fast way to independence - Successful with DropShipping

Is it really possible to start a business in just 2 weeks?

When we think about becoming self-employed, we usually imagine that opening our own business is the result of a preparatory phase that takes months or even years. Most of the time it takes to develop the conceptual nuances and to build and optimize every small structure needed for smooth business operations.

Of course, if you decide to establish a company on the basis of the DropShipping trading model, you will not be able to do without such preparatory steps. And yet here you can benefit from two advantages that make your situation much easier compared to conventional business models.

On the one hand, at DropShipping we are dealing with a concept that is very simple and for which you only need very few components and resources. On the other hand, many successful entrepreneurs have already laid the conceptual foundations. They do not have to reinvent the wheel, but can complete the preparation phase in a very short time.

In this article, we present a model that enables you to get your own business up and running in just two weeks. You will hardly believe it: within these two weeks we have even kept the weekends free for you, so that you have enough opportunity to relax and recover. You will only need a total of 10 working days to start the DropShipping company if you follow our instructions.

Before we begin to introduce you to our 10 steps, we would like to say a few words about the risks involved in setting up such a company. After all, we want you to understand exactly what you are getting yourself into when you start a DropShipping company.

What concrete risks do prospective entrepreneurs expect?

One of the most important reasons why interested people keep postponing their dream of starting their own business is the justified concern about the financial risks involved in starting a business. There is always the fear that one could fail with the company and then have to struggle with high debts for many years.

In the DropShipping segment, however, we expect a very good balance between risks and opportunities. This is mainly due to the fact that no special investments are required to start here. In addition, the DropShipper manages with very low running costs. But if you don’t invest a lot to set up your own business, you can’t lose much. This is exactly the reason why DropShipping is also suitable if you just want to try out self-employment for yourself and are not sure whether it is the right way at all.

Simply use two weeks of vacation to start a DropShipping business model and experience for yourself how easy it is to be successful in this area.

These preparations are now pending

Week 1: These preparations are now pending

In the first week we take care of our new company mainly in a mental way. We will consciously make the decision for self-employment, develop a suitable business idea and calculate in peace what business results await us in the first weeks, months and years. In addition, we search for suitable suppliers and already select the concrete products with which we want to trade later.

Step one:
Make the decision

The first of our steps may seem far too self-evident for us to even mention. But we think it is very important and therefore want to put it at the beginning of the first week. It’s about the conscious decision for self-employment and also for the trade model DropShipping.

Ideally, you will be intensively occupied with your own company and its management over the coming years. Your status as an independent entrepreneur will change and determine your life. Against this background, we consider it very important that you make the decision for this new phase of your life consciously and actively. So, deal with all the advantages, disadvantages and changes, and then say decisively: Yes, I want to go into business for myself and opt for the DropShipping trading model.

Step two:
Develop a business idea

Many prospective entrepreneurs in this area still assume that the decision for e-commerce and drop shipping would already be a business idea. After all: If we are asked what we want to do as self-employed people, then we only answer that we want to sell products on the Internet via DropShipping. For a short answer to the question about our profession this might be enough. As a business idea, however, this sketch is not very useful.

As entrepreneurs, we have to define exactly what we want to do in much more detail. At the very least, we must clearly state which products we deal with, which customer groups we want to address as a priority and which convincing reasons we offer these customers in order to actually decide for us and not for the competition. These three definitions belong to every independence. They form your actual business idea and must never be lost sight of.

Step three:
Drawing up a business plan

As a founder, you naturally want to have the ability to take a look into the future. How will the newly founded company prove itself on the market? Will we make a profit, and if so, at what point? And how high should the reserves be that offer us enough security to survive even a difficult initial period unscathed?

In order to approach the answers to these questions, we have a convincing instrument at our disposal. It is a business plan that every prospective entrepreneur should prepare with great care. The business plan compares the forecasted income and expenses and makes it easy to see whether the company is likely to make profits or losses in the first weeks, months and years. In this way, weak points and thinking errors can be identified very quickly.

Step four:
Search for suitable suppliers

In the DropShipping trading model, the focus is clearly on the suppliers. Since you take over some of the tasks that the shop operator has to perform in classic online trading, their importance is greater than in conventional e-commerce. This is one of the main reasons why DropShippers have to select their suppliers very carefully.

The basic requirement for a manufacturer or wholesaler to be included in the supplier pool at all is that the company is willing and able to provide drop-shipping services. The easiest way to find suitable partners is to use the database of Numerous manufacturers and wholesalers with millions of products are directly available here. Every listed company is clearly committed to DropShipping and offers you as a DropShipping dealer all necessary services and full support in your daily work.

Step five:
Make the product selection

Now that you’ve chosen a DropShipping supplier that fits well with your business idea, it’s time to put together your future assortment. This means that you define the categories and products with which you want to inspire your visitors and encourage them to buy in the future. You can certainly imagine that the concrete product selection will have a great influence on your later success. Therefore, you should work very carefully.

As a DropShipping dealer, you can add as many products to your range as you want. Since you do not have to buy and pre-finance in advance, there are no limits here. However, a good product range is always characterised by high recognition and a clear concept. So if you add products indiscriminately, that’s not a good idea. Instead, think carefully about which products your shop should mainly stand for and stick to this guideline.

The finishing touch for your new business model

Week 2: The final polish for your new business model

The second week is much more practical. Now we have to find the optimal shop system, decorate our digital shop windows and fill our virtual shelves with attractive goods. In addition, we look for a good tax consultant, register our business and deal with advertising and marketing. As soon as the tenth and final step has been completed, the sale can begin immediately.

Step: 6
Select the shop system

Just as the stationary retailer has to find a good shop, you need a suitable shop software. In a way, this forms the interface between you, the Internet and your future customers. When it comes to a shop system for DropShipper, you should consider a few additional requirements. The more carefully you choose the system now, the better and more professionally you will be able to work with it in the future.

With a DropShipping shop system, it is particularly worthwhile if the program is able to forward incoming orders directly to the appropriate supplier. Such a function saves you a lot of work in everyday life. Especially if your shop is successful, you will later be very grateful if you do not have to take care of every order yourself. Also attractive is a function where your shop automatically detects if a certain product is currently not available from the supplier and then automatically removes it temporarily from your assortment.

Step seven:
Set up the shop

After you have selected the shop, you can start with the actual setup. A distinction must be made between shops whose software you buy and shops whose software you use on a rental basis. In addition, there are also shop systems that you can use completely free of charge, but which usually have to be set up very expertly.

At this point, we rather recommend a simple system in which many functions are already integrated and which can be easily customized and adapted to your specifications. Now it is up to you to think up suitable product categories, to place your products in the shop, to write texts for visitors and customers and to give the whole shop your personal touch. You do this in much the same way as a shopkeeper who makes his shop as attractive and inviting as possible for potential customers.

Step: 8
Hiring a tax consultant

As a DropShipping trader, you benefit from the low running costs associated with this trading model. In order not to gamble away this advantage, all drop shippers should take care not to build up unnecessary cost positions that can develop into a financial burden over time. What one should not do without, however, is hiring an experienced tax consultant. In most cases, this saves considerably more than it costs.

The tax consultant will support you in your contact with the tax office. He keeps your books, makes sure that you pay taxes and levies on time and is your first point of contact for all questions concerning the financial aspects of your company. Therefore, choose an experienced consultant whom you can trust and with whom you can cope personally. In this way you create the best conditions for a successful entry into self-employment.

Step: 9
Register a business

A formal step is still ahead of you: You have to officially register your young company. But don’t worry: For a trading company, this step is very simple and inexpensive in Germany. All you need is a so-called business registration. Everything else will be taken care of by the authorities.

You register your business with the municipal or city administration of the place where your company has its registered office. As a rule, this will be the private residence of drop shipping dealers, at least for the first time. Further details can be found on the website of the responsible municipality. As a rule, registration will cost between 20 and 30 euros. It can be completed within a few minutes. Please note that the Trade Licensing Office will automatically register you with the relevant tax office. The tax office will then contact you on its own initiative. You do not have to become active yourself.

Step: 10
Creating the advertising and marketing concept

Low risk, little effort, short working hours: These are just some of the decisive advantages of DropShipping. In order to increase the chances of success of your freshly baked company, you should at least partially use the saved working time to deal with the optimal marketing of your shop. It is therefore about an individual advertising and marketing plan.

With well thought out marketing strategies almost every entrepreneurial goal can be achieved. In the course of time you will gain a lot of experience and become more and more successful. At the beginning you should focus on the topic of customer acquisition. In the beginning nobody knows your shop on the internet and you should change that as soon as possible. Get to know methods which serve the purpose to make your offers as well known as possible and to tempt many potential customers to visit your shop pages.

Become a successful online retailer within 2 weeks – this is only possible with DropShipping! But the business model has much more to offer. The clever concept is largely independent of the founder’s assets and thus offers nothing less than a comprehensive democratization of the founding scene.

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