Self-employed on trial with DropShipping – 6 strategies for your own e-commerce test

Independence in e-commerce is very popular. Many people are still interested in starting their own online business and becoming self-employed with such an Internet company. If only there weren’t great fears of one’s own inadequacy and failure. In contrast to classic online trading, DropShipping offers optimal opportunities to try out self-employment without obligation. If the experiment is successful, the next steps can be taken decisively. If you are rather dissatisfied with the result, you can give up your independence at any time.

Self-employed on trial? No problem with DropShipping

DropShipping is often superior to classic online trading

Drop shipping and online trading are not mutually exclusive. Rather, we are dealing with a special form of e-commerce in drop shipping, which is associated with a whole series of advantages. What is particularly important here are the comparatively low risks of this form of self-employment combined with a very low capital requirement. And it is precisely these two qualities that ensure that even very cautious and reserved founders are given the opportunity to fulfil their dream of their own company.

A third advantage is directly added here: In order to start an independent activity as a DropShipping dealer, you don’t even need real business premises. A quiet corner in the own apartment is sufficient, as long as there is a reasonably up-to-date PC and a normal Internet connection available. In addition, DropShipping requires significantly less working time from the shop operator than would be the case with a traditional online business.

Let’s take a closer look at these four key advantages:

1. low risk for the founder
2. almost no capital requirement
3. no business premises required
4. comparatively little work and time expenditure

Do the listed advantages work, this question comes to many of you right through your head, but has a negative impact on the sales and profit opportunities? The clear answer is no. None of these benefits limit the revenue you can generate with a drop shipping company. And also the profit is not affected. On the contrary. The low running costs mean that there is a lot more revenue left over, which means you make more profit.

The question remains why not many more online merchants choose to run their business on the basis of DropShipping. This is mainly due to the fact that DropShipping is still a kind of insider tip. In addition, many shop operators cannot imagine that they can easily find suppliers who can supply them with attractive products on the basis of DropShipping.

As a reader of you have a clear advantage with regard to this aspect. After all, you know our supplier database, which provides you with millions of interesting articles for sale via drop shipping.

The step into self-employment is still very difficult for many people

At this point, we don’t want to talk mainly about the question why DropShipping is so clearly superior to classic online trading in many respects. Rather, it is about all those who have still not been able to bring themselves to take the leap into self-employment at all. And there’s a lot more of these people than you can possibly imagine.

There are a number of people who regularly dream of being their own boss as self-employed entrepreneurs, but who ultimately cannot bring themselves to take a real leap into the cold water and become active as founders.

There are two main reasons for this phenomenon. On the one hand people lack courage, on the other hand they lack concrete ideas about exactly what one has to do if one wants to become self-employed.

The lack of courage refers to the risk that one’s own company could fail and that, in addition to a loss of self-confidence, one would also suffer financial losses, the consequences of which could last for a very long time. The lack of concrete ideas about exactly how the path to self-employment will take place is mainly due to the fact that it is more difficult to imagine starting one’s own business than it actually is and that, as a rule, one does not yet have any experience as a founder.

Concrete ideas are also sometimes lacking. Even if you have decided on the interesting and promising area of online trading, the question still remains as to which concrete products to trade with, how to get to a suitable shop system, how to establish contacts with suitable suppliers and what formalities have to be completed before you can really start your own business.

Experience shows again and again that all these questions and open topics can be answered, if one has only the necessary knowledge and a certain measure of background knowledge. This is another advantage of DropShipping. The overall trading model is less complex than traditional online trading, as the entrepreneur does not have to deal with a whole range of time-consuming and complicated issues himself.

If you are looking for a particularly easy way to start your own business in e-commerce, you will have to deal with the topic of DropShipping and will most likely find your ideal solution.

Self-employed on trial? No problem with DropShipping

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if a prospective entrepreneur had the opportunity to take a look at the desired field of activity without obligation and then decide whether he really wants to commit himself permanently to his own company or not? In most areas of business, this possibility is ruled out by the fact that most models are far too complex to be tested for a short period of time before being abandoned under certain circumstances.

In this context, just imagine a classic online trader who only wanted to run his business on a trial basis. He has already invested a small fortune in the purchase of products, the rental and installation of a warehouse and other business premises and in the recruitment of personnel. Among other things, it has also entered into long-term commitments, such as rental or employment contracts.

All this would now have to be reversed at great expense if he found out after some time that independence was not the right thing for him after all. In addition, he would end up sitting on an unsold inventory and would have spent a lot of money on his experiment.

Notice anything yet? In the DropShipping area, this looks completely different. Here you neither buy goods nor rent a warehouse or hire personnel. If a DropShipping merchant decides that he does not want to continue his business, he delivers the outstanding orders, switches off his online shop and politely notifies the connected suppliers of the termination of business. More steps are not necessary if you want to get out of self-employment and special costs do not arise accordingly.

This makes DropShipping, like hardly any other business model, ideal for simply testing whether you feel comfortable in the role of an independent entrepreneur and whether you are successful and happy. If you discover that your personal wishes and ideas cannot be fulfilled, then you simply give up your independence.

But if you find out that your own company enriches your own life, then you continue to work independently. In the DropShipping area, it is even possible to run the company as a sideline for as long as you like and simply keep the main job. There is certainly no simpler way to start your own business as a test.

Strictly strategic for own e-commerce test

Perhaps our remarks will encourage you to try your hand at becoming self-employed yourself and to dare to set up a small drop-shipping shop. If this is the case, we recommend that you proceed as systematically and planned as possible from the outset. Create a fixed strategy to maximize your chances of success right from the start.

In the following, we present a total of 6 strategic steps to support you in completing your experiment in self-employment as successfully as possible. The strategies complement each other and should be fully taken into account by you. Although this involves a little more work in some areas, it ensures that you enjoy optimal opportunities from the outset and benefit to the maximum from all the advantages of DropShipping.

Strategy 1: Internalize the benefits of DropShipping

Strategy 1: Internalize the benefits of DropShipping

The decision for DropShipping should always be made consciously. Above all, make sure you are aware of the decisive advantages of this trading model and make the most of them. Realize that you hardly need any capital to start your DropShipping business, that you don’t have to make any long-term commitments, and that your workload will be limited.

If possible, keep your previous job to the full extent and work at your own company on evenings, weekends and during the holiday season. In this way, you do not have to give up your usual sense of security and do not get into difficulties if you decide against becoming self-employed in the end because you find that you do not like it.

Strategy 2: Develop an inspiring business idea

Strategy 2: Develop an inspiring business idea

Please do not assume that the decision for online trading in general and drop shipping in particular is already a business idea. So far, you have only defined the industry in which you will work and the trading model you will choose. You also need a business idea. This describes very precisely which products you will sell to which target groups via which channels.

In addition, the business idea must contain hints as to why your future customers should buy exactly from you and not from your competitors, of whom there are plenty on the Internet after all. Work as concentrated as possible on this business idea and place it at the centre of your entrepreneurial activity. From now on, all other decisions should always follow the business idea.

Strategy 3: Building a business plan

Strategy 3: Building a business plan

Would you like to know in advance what income you are earning and what profits you can make for yourself? In business such a prediction also works without the famous look into the glass sphere. Instead, you use the so-called business plan, of which you have certainly heard before. A business plan is, in a way, a simulation of future business results.

For this purpose, forecasts are made with regard to the realistic revenues and these are compared with the costs that have to be borne. The result is a clear picture of what sales you can expect and whether your company will generate profits. The business plan is a very valuable tool for planning your self-employment and you should not miss to use it.

Strategy 4: Do not enter into long-term commitments

Strategy 4: Do not enter into long-term commitments

One of the main advantages of DropShipping from the point of view of the founder and new entrepreneur is that this model not only manages without start-up costs, but can also do without high running costs in the long run. You should do everything in your power to ensure that this does not change in your business model. In concrete terms, this means that at all costs you should avoid making commitments that involve running costs.

So do not rent business premises, but stay with the company as long as possible in your own four walls. Do not hire personnel and do not enter into sales contracts with regular payment obligations. This applies above all to your personal trial phase, during which you are not quite sure whether you will run the company on a permanent basis.

Strategy 5: Setting goals and timetables

Strategy 5: Setting goals and timetables

As a founder and prospective entrepreneur, you should get used to working with fixed and binding schedules and goals as early as possible. Determine as exactly as possible by when certain things should be done and follow meticulously whether you really comply with these guidelines.

Think about good goals that will help you to constantly develop with your company. And make an effort to really take your entrepreneurial work seriously. Only then, if you use all your strength and discipline for this, can you expect to be successful with your experiment independence and to remain permanently. And that, after all, is exactly what you want.

Strategy 6: End the experiment if necessary

Strategy 6: End the experiment if necessary

At the end of what we have to say, we would like to talk about one more important aspect. The point here is that if the experiment does not succeed, you should realize in time that you would rather finish it completely. This may be the case, for example, if you realize that you are not comfortable working independently, that the desired and hoped for business results are not achieved, or that you feel overwhelmed.

In this case, clearly define the maximum amount of time you want to invest in the experiment. Make sure that you really enjoy being self-employed on a trial basis. If this is not the case, do not hesitate too long to give up your plans and concentrate on the things in your life that you enjoy.

With DropShipping you can find out in a pretty risk-free way whether you are an entrepreneur or not. And the good thing is that starting a drop shipping company isn’t as time consuming as starting an ordinary online shop – DropShipping as a turbo business idea.

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