SEO for Online Shops: 6 Strategies for a Better Google Ranking

DropShipping is one of the really interesting business models of our time. Due to its many advantages, this form of trading is sometimes far superior to classic e-commerce. Despite all the differences, there are also similarities. They mainly relate to the marketing of the shop. Search engine optimization plays an important role here. How to optimize your DropShipping shop for the search engines and thus achieve a better Google ranking, you will learn in this article.

SEO for Online Shops: 6 Strategies for a Better Google Ranking

DropShipping as a contemporary success model

DropShipping is the Internet trading model of our time. Here the entrepreneur consciously decides against physical contact with his own goods. The offered products are placed in the shop, but remain with the respective supplier. Whenever an order is placed, the supplier is informed accordingly. He then takes over the dispatch directly to the end customer.

The DropShipper does not have to deal with warehousing or shipping logistics. He doesn’t have to rent a warehouse or hire warehouse staff. This not only saves a lot of money, but also a lot of time and enables the retailer to concentrate more on marketing his shop and looking after his customers, which in turn gives him a competitive advantage.

In addition, the start-up costs are kept within absolute limits. Finally, the DropShipping trader does not have to purchase its own inventory. In classic online trading, such a transaction often costs many thousands of euros. Furthermore, there is no connection between the capital and the assortment size with the DropShipper. He can set up a delivery program of any size without this being associated with costs.

Last but not least, the dreaded commodity risk is also eliminated. This means that the classic online retailer himself is responsible if certain products prove to be bad or not saleable at all. He then has to ensure that the goods are quickly disposed of and often loses a lot of money in the process. Since the DropShipping dealer does not buy the products in advance, he is not responsible for the marketing of stock.

These advantages speak for themselves and make DropShipping a particularly lucrative business model. Here it is above all the differences to classic online trading from which the DropShipper benefits greatly. In other areas, however, there are strong parallels between the two trading models, as we will see in the next section.

In online marketing there are no differences to the classic shop

In online marketing there are no differences to the classic shop

As big as the differences between traditional online trading and drop shipping may be in terms of start-up costs, running costs and workload, when it comes to successfully marketing the shop we have a lot in common.

After all, both business models operate in exactly the same market. The consumer usually does not even notice whether he is dealing with a classic shop or a drop shipping shop. Both forms of e-commerce therefore compete with each other in identical market segments and serve the same target groups.

As a result, the requirements for online marketing are largely identical. Both types of merchants therefore have to deal with a stable inflow of new customers, good conversion, optimal usability and a high number of regular customers, among other things, if they want to be successful in the long term.

The methods, tools and rules used are also identical. This is due to the fact that DropShipping differs from conventional e-commerce only in terms of sales organization. An essential aspect of online marketing is to use a good Google ranking to attract as many new visitors and customers as possible to the shop. For more information, see the next section.

Search Engine Optimization for DropShipper: Simply indispensable

Search Engine Optimization for DropShipper: Simply indispensable

The search engine optimization of web shops is the basis of all online marketing activities. Like no other instrument, a good Google ranking ensures an increasing influx of new visitors, who can then be developed in the shop to pay customers. This can hardly be achieved without SEO.

The Google ranking of a page describes its position on the Google results page after a specific search term has been entered. If you do not appear among the first ten results as a provider here, then you hardly have a chance of being clicked on by users. And the chances of success only develop really well if you make it into the first three results.

To achieve this, successful shops rely on comprehensive SEO activities. This form of optimization has further advantages for every Internet company. In the course of optimisation, you get to know your own target group much better and can subsequently adjust all advertising and communication as well as your own offers well to your target customers.

In addition, search engine optimization offers the possibility to determine very precisely which customers are addressed and brought into the shop at which stage of the customer journey. You offer yourself to potential customers at the very moment they are looking for a solution that we can offer them in our shop. There can hardly be a better purchase motivation for Internet customers.

SEO is essential for any online store

However, search engine optimization is a broad and complex field. Many factors play a role at the same time and must be taken into account. It is of course possible for a shop owner to obtain the necessary background knowledge in SEO matters and to take over the optimization on his own.

However, the question arises as to whether it makes more sense to leave this to an external professional and take care of one’s own core competencies. For shop operators, these include, for example, product range maintenance, customer care or marketing their own products.

Whatever you decide to do in this area: What is certain is that SEO is absolutely indispensable for any web shop. In the following we present six strategies that lead to more success in the field of search engine optimization. If you want to take care of SEO yourself, the concepts and tips will provide you with valuable support. If, on the other hand, you decide to outsource search engine optimization, the strategies will help you to understand the topic even better and, above all, to recognize what you need to pay attention to when briefing and monitoring external SEO service providers.

Strategy 1:
Simple and transparent structure

Simple and transparent structures in terms of page design and programming make your shop pages much more attractive for both Google and visitors. Since websites become more and more complex and chaotic over time, it is up to you to introduce rules that simplify things again and again.

On the one hand, Google attaches importance to error-free programming without many detours and barriers. On the other hand, your visitors benefit from a structure that they immediately understand and that doesn’t obstruct them.

Our tip: Clean up regularly
In every web shop, content, pages and programming structures accumulate over time that are actually no longer needed. They make the structure permanently unmanageable and cause increased effort when it comes to making changes. For this reason you should clean up the shop regularly and free it from unnecessary ballast. In this way you make a lasting contribution to a simple and transparent structure.

Strategy 2:
Short loading times

In times of fast internet most web developers don’t think much about loading times anymore. It is assumed that even large images, graphic elements and videos can be quickly received and played back. Not much is left of the thrift in terms of the amount of data we know from the early web programmers.

It is often forgotten that websites are increasingly accessed from the road. Loading times and data volumes play an important role here. It is therefore worthwhile to optimize at this point. This is especially useful, as Google also rates Internet pages based on their loading times.

Our Tip: Make Mobile Versions Available
Think about providing many mobile visitors with special versions for use with mobile devices. These should not only be adapted in terms of display, resolution and operating concept, but should also focus on content with a shorter loading time. In addition, you can also use your own app, which helps your mobile users to achieve special comfort and short loading times.

Strategy 3:
High quality content

The main effect with regard to search engine optimization for your shop is achieved through high-quality, unique, informative, detailed and up-to-date texts on your shop pages. These are used by Google as an essential criterion for a good ranking and also ensure that your visitors trust you and develop willingness to shop in the shop.

As a shop operator, you have optimal opportunities to accommodate content. For example, work with category and product texts, guides, instructions, press releases or your own blog to place as many good texts as possible to significantly improve your Google ranking.

Our tip: Make use of external support
Not every shop owner is automatically a good copywriter. Critically review your skills in this area and then decide to hire an external service provider to create your content. This not only writes professional texts, but can also optimize the content directly for the search engines and thus make a further contribution in terms of SEO.

Strategy 4:
Avoid duplicate content

Double content is a real red rag for Google. The search engine assumes that it has no value for the individual user if identical content appears again and again. For this reason, such content does not help you to improve your Google ranking. Quite the opposite: You may be severely punished by the search engine and your pages will no longer end up in the index.

Avoid using texts from other sources in any case. This also applies to product descriptions provided by manufacturers or wholesalers who are happy to make them available to their shop customers. It is better to create such content from scratch and individually in order to offer your visitors added value on the one hand and to ensure a good Google ranking on the other.

Our tip: If in doubt work with Canonical tags
Duplicate content cannot always be avoided in the shop. This is the case, for example, if you offer certain lists of articles on your pages, for which the customer makes his individual selection, for example via filter function or sorting. Here you have the option of using a so-called Canonical Tag to draw Google’s attention to the fact that this is duplicate content that should not be taken into account by the search engine.

Strategy 5:
Improve usability

Perhaps you are wondering at this point how the usability of your shop pages is related to search engine optimization. This connection quickly becomes clear when you look at the background clearly. Google not only evaluates factors on your own pages to calculate your ranking. For this also the user behaviour in your shop is logged and evaluated.

Your ranking improves, for example, if visitors spend a particularly long time on your pages or if you even make a purchase there. Conversely, if your visitors leave your site quickly, your position in the search engine will deteriorate. A good usability and a high conversion rate therefore always benefit your search engine optimization.

Our tip: See the shop with strange eyes
You yourself are probably operationally blind with regard to your own shop and especially with regard to usability. Smaller mistakes and weaknesses are therefore not noticeable to you. In order to get to grips with this problem, from time to time rely on external testers who can look at your shop with strange eyes and point out weaknesses, barriers and mistakes.

Strategy 6:
Active link building

So far we have dealt with the so-called OnPage optimization. This involves interventions that we can implement ourselves on your shop pages within the framework of SEO. For a good ranking you also need the OffPage optimization. This includes factors that occur outside your site. The most important aspect in this context is the link structure.

This means above all the backlinks that refer to your shop from other websites. If many webmasters of high quality websites decide to set a link to your shop, this will have a very positive effect on your own ranking.

Our tip: Provide unique content
The best way to get quality links from other websites is to provide unique and attractive content. If these contents are qualitatively convincing, then other Web master will set completely by itself links to you. And exactly such backlinks are particularly valuable for Google and therefore lead to an improved ranking.

Our conclusion for DropShipper: Declare SEO a matter for the boss

Our conclusion for DropShipper: Declare SEO a matter for the boss

Not only did they learn about six concrete SEO strategies. We have also explained to you why search engine optimization is absolutely essential for any online retailer. At this point, we recommend that you make SEO a matter for the boss in any case and personally deal with the question of how you can improve the Google ranking for your shop.

Unlike many other online marketing methods, SEO develops its effect only over time. It takes several weeks or even months before you can notice the positive effect. However, this effect lasts quite long with SEO if you take care to maintain your shop permanently. The effort in the longer term is then significantly lower than it is in the initial period of the case. So you build something up with search engine optimization and always invest in the future. And this is exactly what pays off if you attach importance to the success of your online shop.

If you implement these SEO measures correctly, you can already make a huge step forward in search engines. But SEO alone is not enough to survive in a highly competitive market. Here you can find out how to Make the most of the advantages of DropShipping and get the most out of the retail concept.

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